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Gelastic Milky 60g – Gelastic in a milky pink colour providing coverage of about 30%. It allows you to achieve a subtle and delicate effect. It has thick consistency, does not flood the cuticles and cures only in a lamp, so you can perfectly refine the manicure regardless of the level of sophistication.Ideal for nail artists who are just beginning their adventure with extensions and for those who want to be up to date and offer their customers only the best and state-of-the-art solutions.

Gelastic Milky is available in 60 g tubes and the tools included in the set allow its optimal use for up to 50 applications! It doesn’t cause pain or leave unpleasant odour and bothersome dust during nail preparation with a file.

Curing time: 30-90 seconds/MultiLed or 2-3 minutes/UV.

It’s available in 4 colour versions. Besides Gelastic Milky, we also offer: Gelastic Clear, Gelastic Glass Pink, Gelastic Cover.

The main advantages of the Gelastic system:

working time reduction
a perfectly matched formula
full control of operation without the risk flowing down
extreme plasticity, making it easier to achieve the desired shape
curing at any time
precise and convenient application
incredible efficiency – up to 50 applications with 1 tube!
without bothersome dust and unpleasant odour
no pain when curing

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